Porsche Boxster S Convertible

Rent a Porsche Boxster S Convertible Rental in Miami, Florida

The Porsche Boxster S Convertible may have one of the most iconic designs of any convertible ever. The compact, well balanced body, with side air intakes, looks like the kind of car where you can jump over the door into the driver’s seat and simply take off with the press of a button. Technically it takes a little more effort than that to drive this classic beauty, but not much. A fuel efficient 315 horsepower engine, cruise control, and automatic top retraction are all features that help make driving the Porsche Boxster S Convertible Rental as easy as possible.


Porsche Boxster S Convertible is a Miami Cruising Vehicle

With comfortable leather sports seats and built-in cruise control, this car is practically designed for open air cruising on southern Florida highways. You can head down to the Florida Keys to enjoy a day in the sun and enjoying tropical white sandy beaches. Then, when you return to Miami, you can call up BLT Steak using the hands free Bluetooth and make a reservation for dinner on your drive back. Your hands will never leave the wheel while you are arranging to eat at one of the most luxurious restaurants in the city. We’ll deliver to any Miami Aiport