Rent a Ferrari F430 Spider Rental in Miami, Florida

The Ferrari F430 Spider is a soft topped convertible designed to give you the impression that you are driving on a professional race track. The rear located four cam V8 engine is visible through transparent casing, reminding you that speed is the top priority of this car. And it does speed very well, topping out at an excitingly fast 193 miles per hour. You’ll have to take advantage of one of the weekly Fast Lane Friday events at the Homestead Miami Speedway to truly take advantage of racing along at speeds like that.


Ferrari F430 Spider Rental in Miami Beach

Take advantage of the delivery option from Exotic Car Rental Miami to truly enjoy your Ferrari F430 Spider rental. You can arrange to have your rental vehicle delivered to Airports like Opa-Locka Executive Airport or Miami International Airport, meaning it will literally be waiting for you the moment you step off the plane. You won’t have to fill out any paperwork or make any additional arrangements. You will simply be able to climb into the F1 race car inspired driver’s seat, lower the convertible soft top, and speed off to enjoy the luxury accommodations at the Fountainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach.