Audi S5 Convertible

Audi S5 Convertible Rental

Rent an Audi S5 Convertible in Miami

Despite a supercharged 333 horsepower V8 engine, the Audi S5 Convertible is not a vehicle that is built to dominate the road with high speed and massive acceleration. Instead, it is a true cruising car that has good road grip, traction control, anti-lock brakes, and cruise control. This means that this smooth driving soft top convertible offers an incredibly safe ride to you and your passengers. And, unlike most convertibles on the markets, it can hold up to four passengers, including the driver. Combine that with a modest sized trunk and you have a excellent vehicle for packing up the family and cruising down to South Beach for a day of fun, sand, and sun.


Audi S5 Convertible rental in Miami

And Audi S5 Convertible rental from Exotic Car Rental Miami is just about the ideal family vacation luxury vehicle. The rear seats are a comfortable fit for young children, while the convertible to is perfect for cruising in the warm Miami weather. Your children will love driving around in a sports car and you will have the comfort of knowing that the vehicle is designed with safety in mind. Best of all, when you rent from Exotic Car Rental Miami, you can receive delivery of this car to the airport terminal, which means your kids won’t get bored while you are arranging the car rental.